Hear N' Aid - "Stars" Yngwie's First Solo Transcription

Hey all, thought I’d test out Soundslice by transcribing Yngwie’s first solo in “Stars” so here’s the link:

There’s some really cool chromatic passing tones that he uses to help keep the fretting hand shapes nice and simple and it’s probably one of the easier Yngwie solos to learn just due to how short it is! :smiley:

Really impressed with Soundslice, I haven’t worked with any form of notation for a few years but I could see this being a great way to get back into it on a basic level.

Please let me know if you think there are any errors. I’ve marked all the upstrokes and downstrokes but they all fit within his typical system :slight_smile:


thank you! ive always loved his solos in this… is there a way to print the page to pdf?
do i have to have an account and log in first?

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No problem, they’re both killer! Just started working on his second one :smiley:

Just had a check and sadly I can’t enable printing on a free account I’m afraid :disappointed:

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no problem. i created a basic account. i remember printing from it in the past? maybe they removed the feature.

anyways, thx!!

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Fixed some errors and changed some of the fingerings to what I think he most likely used.

Previously I thought he was doing the descending/ascending sixes run on the B and G strings to fit with the rest of his picking system but after playing it felt awkward. From previous experience learning his stuff he normally tends to avoid the B to G shift to avoid unnecessary position jumping.

Instead now it starts on the B and G strings with some outside sounding notes (again making those shapes easier to play) before probably swiping through the B to begin the rest of the sixes ascent between the e and B strings.

Also, here’s me having a crack at it:

In my opinion the swipe is not really noticable as your left hand jumping postions mutes the B string anway :smiley:

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Now you gotta sync the audio for the full effect.

I tried and failed! I think my lack of knowledge notating rhythms is what’s holding me back. Rather then knowing anything about which note value to use for this, I just went through all of them until I got the one that sounded right :sweat_smile:

Try these transcriptions. They are from a very old Japanese magazine, probably sometime during the 1980s.


Nice, I love these japanese mag transcriptions. Very meticulous and deep cuts from the shred guitar rep. Only drawback is they usually fell prey to the same assumptions that other transcribers made about Yngwie’s technique, that it was mostly alternate picking on 3nps scales - which we know in hindsight is totally wrong :wink:


Wow very cool to see!

I was just giving it a go on my guitar and the fingerings just don’t make any sense to me (thanks to the knowledge provided by Troy) so I’d have to agree with LuckyMojo :slight_smile:

My transcription is way more focused around the major scale shape that he loves to use and even the “out” sounding notes fit into the way he likes to mess with that shape.

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Your slices of tab never fail to impress me!

any chance anyone has the 2nd part of the solo?
Yngwie Malmsteen’s solo - We’re Stars, Hear n’ Aid (1985) - YouTube

stars at :35. Is it page 136 from the attachments above?