Hello all from Canada

Hi all, been lurking for awhile, just signed on for a membership as I am grateful for the community and info here. I’ve been playing for 30+ years, cover bands, wedding bands, teaching at a music store for many years after taking about 10 years of lessons myself. Music is not my full time job, however I am able to dedicate 1-2 hours/day to playing still. I love the attack of alternate picking, however have never been able make it happen for myself (I realize it was years of trying to push through string hopping). I’ve made some progress since and will be asking for a technique critique once I’ve worked through the material available here. I seem to have found myself an UWPS, however get stuck on DWPS…which I am determined to work through as I love the musical phrases that fall nicely with DWPS…I’m totally stuck but taking the advice to turn off the metronome and just play.
Cheers all.


Hey, welcome to the forum, thanks for signing up! Hope the Pickslanting Primer is helpful, definitely let us know once you’ve gone through the material if you have questions or anything else we can help with. Enjoy!