Hello All....Troys story is my story


Hello all,

I got into CTC because after watching the first 3 videos of his youtube series I realized I lived the exact same time and experience in highschool and college. However, Troy was far more resilient than I was… I would fall asleep listening to Yngwie and Al Dimeola almost nightly and wake up rarin to figure out how they played. As a guitar player, I only had the Guitar for the practicing musician" as a teacher and it just wasn’t enough. I would look at this tablature and couldnt even touch it… I got so discouraged as what these guys were doing, Lynch, Beach, Eddie, even David Gilmore seemed supernatural to me.

I spent a decade just playing scales trying to get faster and was so discouraged I quit playing for 10 years… I sold my chartreuse yellow Ibanez RG550 at a pawn shop for $100 and thought Id never play again.

Luckily, I got a decent job in IT and fired up my love for music again. I bought another guitar in my mid 30s and started back down the road. I realized pretty quick I was back in the same spot. Though, the Rocksmith video game was a godsend! My rifffing got better than it had ever been… I saw the CTC videos on You tube and kinda felt a glimmer of hope… once again I grabbed my metronome and here I am the “suck at 90 bpm left right hand sync problem guy” hoping these new perspectives can get me over the hump. So far DPS is a revelation and its nice to know there is a proper way backed by physics to pick.

Hello from Seattle… never give up! Mid 40s and I am still gunning to slay Yngwies volcano


Hey, former Seattleite here :raising_hand_man: :slight_smile: :sun_behind_rain_cloud:

Welcome to the forum! Glad you’re finding our stuff useful so far. Let us know if you have questions getting started!