Hello CTC community!

Hi everyone!

My name is Amine, I am currently living in Austria, originally from Tunisia. I have been playing guitar for more than 15 years but I made most of my progress during the last year thanks to discovering cracking the code. I just couldn’t believe how my picking technique was transformed!!

I am so happy that we finally have a forum where the CTC community can connect and I am looking forward to more regular new content now that we have a good platform.

I am so thankful to Troy and the CTC team for transforming my guitar playing. I hope that the new version of the website will help us all grow even more as players and musicians.

Can’t wait to share with you exercises that helped improve my playing but also share with you my current struggles!

Cheers everyone! Keep rocking \m/


Thanks for signing up Amine!


Feels good to be back!

(I am only spamming Troy by digging this old thread so I hope that’s okay :grin:)

I’ve been quite absent this past year due to work/life stuff. I have been jamming a lot with friends, but I haven’t been working on my technique. But I am back with a full 1 year membership and I am excited to catch up with this great community and the great content carefully crafted by the CtC team!

I have seen that the terminology has changed a bit. So I better catch up on that. But before: watching the Joe Stump interview :sunglasses:

Cheers \m/


Welcome back! Have fun catching up with the new material…and rapidly evolving terminology which hopefully will evolve less rapidly from here on out :wink:

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