Hello, François from France

Hello everyone,

I have been playing guitar for about 15 years, I started immediately after hearing Metallica for the first time.
Of course I’m a big metal fan but I also listen a lot to different guitar-centric genres, or anything that please my ears.

I found the genius work of Troy Grady while looking for a way to improve my picking on a song I struggled with on Youtube and I must admit, as an IT/Science guy that I really like the pragmatic and analytic approach of his works.

I’m 99.5% self taught, I had several teachers when I started but they didn’t really seems to care about technique and I never saw one make any remark on my picking technique that was clearly wrong.

I watched cracking the code season 1 and now I use the poptard lick as a warmup/benchmark exercise, but I’m stuck at around 140bpm, so I guess something is wrong with my technique. I had developed the bad habit of being mainly an upward picker and I guess that’s part of the issue.

I’m not too much a solo player but I enjoy the fast paced rhythm and melodic style of In Flames and Children of Bodom and really would like to be able to play some of their songs with less struggle.

I’m here mainly to find out the right path, I need to gather information and find out how all this work can be used to improve my rhythm playing.

Have a nice day and thank to everyone involved in this project.


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Salut François, bienvenue sur le forum et bon courage dans ta quête :grin:

Vincent (also from France )

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