Hello from Austria

Hi everybody,

this is Mike. I live in Austria for the time being, but I’m Italian.
I’ve been playing for most of my youth, say 13-22 or so. I have had some exposure to classic guitar too.
In the past 10 years I’ve played in and out, in bursts of a few months, before having to quit for this or that reason. In one of these periods I stumbled across the wonderful work of the Cracking The Code team, I’ve been a member for a while, and really benefited from the whole approach. The pick-slanting concept was a real eye opener.

I’m now between jobs and trying to round-off with some gig here and there, so that’s why I thought I’d rebrush my technique and leverage on the knowledge in this site.

I mostly play rock, the kind you won’t bother your public with :slight_smile:, but I’m fascinated by technique and especially the fact that electric guitar is so young with respect to established technique (as opposed to older classic instruments like piano or violin).

I would say my skills are medium-level, however I really enjoy working on the basics of the instrument so that aspect is really open-ended for me.

I’ve just started with the videos on wrist motion, only to find out I never use pure wirst :face_with_monocle: – My natural movement would always include a forearm rotation and - possibly - a strange “squeezing”, i.e. the thumb would slightly advance towards the center of the hand, sort of like what I think I’ve seen YJM doing…

Looking forward to learning a lot here!


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Hey Mike welcome, thanks for joining! Glad you’ve been finding our stuff useful so far and hope you enjoy the material on the site. I think you’ll find a lot of the material in the Pickslanting Primer interesting — lots we’ve learned about fundamental things like picks and grip, as well as motions, and we’re adding more as we go.

The “wrist motion” section is most fleshed out at the moment but we do have some material on forearm (and wrist + forearm) that hopefully you’ll find helpful. Any questions / feedback, let us know!

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Hi Brendan,

thanks :slight_smile:
Indeed, I checked the forearm section out, and I was relieved when I heard Troy say that he has a bit of rotation in his “natural” movement too.

One thing I’m going to work next is really this sideways (deviation) movement, as I’m nearly unable to isolate it completely (there’s always a rotational component to it… It’s amazing!).

I’d like to see whether I could bring it to speed (say 16th @180 bpm), as I have a feeling that if implemented correctly, it would kind of ease string tracking (probably because of the more stable anchor). Dunno… Just thinking out loud.

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Hi, welcome. Learn a lot you will sir, I have had a blast trying to learn different picking motions, other than my main one. All the best.

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