Hello from Brooklyn!

I just joined the forum after watching a few videos on pickslanting and realizing that I needed to change my picking technique!

I have been playing guitar for maybe 25+ years. I started self-taught, then took a few years of classical guitar, went to jazz school for about one year, then back to being self-taught. Currently I mostly play jazz, rock, funk, fusion-ish.

I spent a significant amount of work learning classical guitar technique, which really laid the foundation for my left hand technique. However, I never formally learned right hand technique (my jazz guitar teacher was not very helpful).

I have watched a few Cracking the Code videos, but the one that really stuck with me was about right hand “bouncing” movement and how it can limit picking speed because it requires two movements. I believe that the bouncing movement has been limiting my quadruplet speed at about 100BPM. To verify that, I tried some of the tips in the videos and managed to achieve way higher speed just by changing that (I can peak at around 140BPM now on pentatonic scales, which is awesome!).

I find that my right hand can go faster when switching from a higher to a lower string, e.g., from E to B, but not as much in the other direction, e.g., from A to D, so that’s something I definitely need to work on.

My main goal is to comfortably play really fast tempo jazz tunes, e.g., Giant Steps, at the original speed (~300BPM 1/8 notes, or 150BPM quadruplets). I can see how that may require a lot of work on my technique to allow me to achieve the correct phrasing, e.g., playing 2, 3 or 4 notes per string, arpeggios, scales, following changes, etc.

I am very excited to join the community!


Hello, buddy! 25+ years is a lot! Welcome to the forum)