Hello from California

Hi everyone,

Jason here. Been playing guitar off and on as a hobby for 40 years (I’m 53 now). At this rate, I estimate I’ll be a guitar god no later than my mid-70’s. That’s not too old, right? (Is it any wonder that George Lynch is one of my favs?)

Going back to when I was a teenager, I wanted to enroll at GIT in Hollywood. I was ready to apply, practiced for the entry exam, and my family talked me out of it. (The usual rationale about proper university education, career, financial stability, etc.) Sometimes I wonder where I’d be now if I had told them to go screw themselves. Damn regrets.

Anyway, since I gave up motorcycling after a bad crash about a year ago, I’ve been putting some serious time, effort and focus into guitar. I’ve always been a nerd about technique and even read books on motor skill development. Finding Troy’s material on YouTube was right up my alley. I thought, “There is a man after my own heart!”

As of this writing, I’ve watched the pick-slanting primer and several interviews. Great stuff. Understanding the role of pick rotation has resulted in marked improvement.

I’m not clear yet, however, on the relationship between upward/downward pick slant vs. upward/downward escape. Can someone point me to video(s) and posts that clarify the interaction of these elements?

Also, I searched for info on right-hand tracking and found that Troy mentioned the interviews with Molly Tuttle and Andy Wood. I watched the Molly interview. Which of the Andy interviews talks about this?

Thanks in advance for any info.



Welcome Jason!

I may be slightly biased but I think you came to the right place :smiley:

The latest video series on Frank Gambale summarises a lot of Troy’s findings in a neatly organised manner - there’s much more than just sweeping in Frank’s playing :slight_smile:

Here’s the intro video from which you’ll be able to find all the others. Highly recommended view!

Thanks, but I can’t find anything in the Gambale interview that addresses my questions.

I may post a separate thread to inquire.

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Sorry I didn’t mean the interview, but the new series “secrets of gambale sweeping” that is freely available on YT

Ahh, got it. Thanks. I guess I have to look on troygrady.com and YT to make sure I see all the material you produce. I assumed it was all on the pay site.