Hello from Finland!


Hi everyone,

First of all, huge thanks to Troy and the team for all you do!

I’ve been lurking on the forums for a while now and have even posted a few times but I thought I should actually introduce myself.

So, my name is David and I’m from Finland but I’m actually British as well since my dad is originally from London. I started playing guitar about 11 years ago and was pretty much just into 80’s metal and hard rock back then but nowadays I listen to a variety of genres but I have to admit that most of it still has guitar somewhere. :wink:

From what I’ve gathered lurking around the forums and watching the free material that has come out, I have a DWPS system that is similar, if not the same as Yngwie’s that I must have just intuitively figured out. I’ve tried UWPS and 2WPS after finding out about them here but those just seem to feel very uncomfortable to me after playing with a DWPS for this many years and I’m probably doing them wrong anyway. 2WPS is something I’d like to get down eventually though…

I have signed up for the free 7 day trial which is ongoing at the moment and checked out the new crosspicking (Which I had never heard about before CtC) video but I found myself struggling until I thought to just try and alternate pick a forward roll as notated and let my right hand figure it out and I think I’ve made some quick progress since then unless I’m just string hopping which could be possible I guess.

I’ll post some clips of my DWPS playing and crosspicking soon so I can get some idea whether it’s all correctly done.

Anyway, that was a long ramble. :sweat_smile: I’m glad to be here and I hope I can get some input on my playing even though I don’t think I can pay for a subscription for the foreseeable future since I’m still a student with a limited amount of money to spend.

Thanks! :love_you_gesture:

PS. Here is a link to my YouTube channel if anyone wants to check it out:



I am working on some Yngwie covers and trying to learn DWPS instead of poorly-executed 2wps-ing. It appears we have opposite goals!

Something I have noticed is that if you only pick 2 or 4 notes per string, and use pull offs or hammers for the odd numbered notes, that you will never get “tripped” while changing strings.

The problem with 2WPS is that if you try to improvise, if your ear and left hand are able to conceive of an idea, that does not guarantee your right hand can do it, as it may require some rapid pickslant changes.

A typical problem for me is that I will be improvising and my ear will decide to play an ascending sequence of fourths. I know the scale, my left hand fingers know where to go, but the picking often gets tripped up because its impossible to memorize/know the slant sequence unless the phrase has been played exactly that way and you have memorized the pickslant sequence.

I can play at slightly lower velocity using crosspicking, but if I want real speed, that where I run into problems.

IMO, after almost 30 years of playing, trying to develop an advanced 2WPS technique is a source of great misery. And what do you get for your effort? A more homogenous attack on the notes? (BTW, I will always have 2wPS for runs of sixes, but in general its more trouble than its worth, imo.)

Good luck with your 2WPS endeavors, I am trying to ingrain only downslant for my speed runs.


Yeah, I’m not sure it’s really worth learning 2WPS because I basically do what you described. DWPS using legato for odd numbered notes. Which works for everything I guess? Is there a situation where you would only be able to play a phrase with 2WPS or UWPS?

But it’s fun to just mess around with different techniques you never knew existed before… :slightly_smiling_face: