Hello from india

hii everyone, i started playing acoustic guitar at the age of 13 or 14 year 2001, here in india rock music is not popular, bands like michael jackson ,bonny m etc were hits, only a rare minority of people listened to rock, at that time even internet was not available here , eagles, clapton, bon jovi ,bryan adams, ozzy osbourne ,metallica, iron maiden etc fuelled my passion to learn guitar, i joined a local music school but got bored after 2 weeks and quit, then from then on it was all self learning from tabs, power tabs, no other instruction were available here…self learning was mostly a trial and error style learning , for 5 years i worked moderately hard, then for another 6 to 7 years didnt practise much, now im again commited to guitar, now i have access to internet and quality lessons unlike before when i started, troy gradys insights are revolutionary, thanku for ur hard work…!! i tried my hand at speed picking using stetinas speed picking mechanics book bu failed and lose heart, also the paul gilbert lick i couldnt get past a certain speed because of string hopping (thnx to ur lessons that now i realise whats the problem)…


Welcome aboard! I think we all have had a similar journey. A lot of us started with Troy Stetina books and we all struggle with the Paul Gilbert lick.

I first saw the Paul Gilbert video sometime around 1991-1992 but I couldnt really play the lick until this year lol.


Hey Vivek,

I don’t know how old you are, but I remember sitting with Pyramid (Palika Bazar) rip off VHS of Chris Impelliterri and a piece of intricate firewood masquerading as a guitar. That was 25 years ago, no wonder nothing happened back then between me and guitars. The Malmsteen vid only made It worse, like what’s an electrical guitar!? And why are all these grown men wearing tights!

Thank god for the internet. I think I’ve seen it all evolve from then to now.

Welcome to the forum, this place is pure gold.



hey jon…!! nice to hear that u finally got that gilbert lick … :+1: i believe perseverence is the key, for many years i thought that speed picking is not my thing, but discovering this site gave me a new perspective and im all charged again for the speed thing… :metal::muscle:

I never get tired of seeing people who struggled finally have access to the info.

I dont want to derail this thread but can someone post or dm me this “the paul Gilbert lick”
I remember looking for it and never found anything that I knew was definitely it. Thanks and again

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hey twangsta !! im 32 years old …nice username,i guess u a country music fan judging by the name :slight_smile: …ive heard chris impelliterri cover of somewhere over the rainbow…but i much prefer the jeff beck version more… lol i laugh inside when u say grown men wearing tights :joy: because here during eighties it was just the opposite,bell bottoms were the cool thing :sunglasses:

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hey charface…!! i will post a u tube link here…its troys dissection on how paul plays his licks, fast forward to 3:53 , that lick u see on the first 2 strings is “the paul gilbert lick” i was reffering to :grin: ,im not sure if jon who commented above reffering to the same one… u at first i used to play with string hopping motion and couldnt get past a mediocre speed, but 2wps is the thing to do , for more details watch that video where troy explains it very nicely…!!

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Thank you, I’ll check it out

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yes, when anyone here says “the Paul Gilbert lick” thats the one they mean lol

here is an easier version of it IMO. Adding one note makes it a lot easier

B----12–13–15-------------------15–13 etc

Paul later admitted that it was a mistake to start off with that lick as if it were a beginner lick. He himself had been playing for 9 years when he made that first instructional video.

If he had started with something like ‘the Yngwie lick’, we would all have progressed much smoother

E—8–5--7–8--7–5 etc


Welcome! I am of indian origin but I was born and live in the UK. Nice to see another indian guitarist!

I also tried and failed with the stetina book and the paul gilbert lick. I know of a few people who nailed them but not many!

hey superslip, nice to see u too… now that the required picking movements are dissected effectively in this troy grady system one could again try stetina speed mechanics book exercises with success :slight_smile:

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