Hello from Minnesota!

Greetings from Rochester Minnesota-

Long time player here, joining in an effort to increase my fluidity and speed - I strongly suspect that I have years of bad habits to break, undo, and re-learn…but I’m committed to doing so.

Some of my influences are BFG, Eddie, and Stevie Ray, but I’m a huge fan of Lynch, Rhoades, Sykes, and others. From a different direction, I’m also a fan of Paisley, Urban, Gill, and some of the really fast, articulate country pickers.

Guitar has been a life-long journey for me, and I really embrace learning - it is my hope that this site and forum will help me take things to the next level.



Hi Graybeard65,

Welcome to the forum, we have very similar tastes!
You’ve definitely come to the right place to get your technique to the next level.



Sounds like we might have some favorites in common. Do ya like Chet Atkins?


Thanks Sid - I appreciate the welcome!

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I do! One of the habits that I think I’ll have to work on is my fall-back position of chicken pickin’ when I start to pick up speed!

I suspect that’s pretty typical. I started doing more hybrid picking a few years back and it changed (for the better) the way I pick. I’m definitely what Troy would surely call a pronator. lots of air under my pinky heel. It’s great for some stuff.

my problem with speed is that I’m just not fast. And I suspect I won’t ever be like Marty or Uli or my other favorites in that realm just because my left hand isn’t even that fast.

still, there’s a lot to learn here. I’ve already gotten my money’s worth from the pick slanting primer!

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