Hello from MSU guitar dept


Hi and thanks for accepting my membership. I teach guitar at Mississippi State University in Starkville, MS. I have enjoyed and benefited from Troy Grady’s videos on youtube so I thought I’d give membership a try. Always looking for new material to share with students and improve my own skills. My background is rock and classical guitar.


Not a single welcome for this guy? Jeez.

Welcome to the forum! What are some of your favorite songs to play right now? Any techniques you’re working on?


Ah thanks for catching @guitarenthusiast!

Sorry we missed this post at first @LoneRanger — welcome to the forum :tada:

We have a good number of teachers here, and have a channel #teachers-lounge for discussion of any topics around learning / pedagogy. Look forward to hearing more about your experience learning & teaching (picking technique or otherwise!)


Thanks. I have done alot of 70s classic rock over the years. Zepp. Sabbath. Queen, Pink Floyd, Rush, Kansas, Uriah Heep etc. Have played around with Eruption. (learned about 1/2…got distracted by something else :blush:) Play most of Satrianis’ Always with you…Messing with Cliffs of Dover…
Last semester we started an Electric Improv/Prog/Metal ensemble. Some of the students write their own music and I spend alot of time learning those parts for performance. We did some Scale The Summit. Grateful Dead. Metal arrangement of a CPE Bach cello concerto (I played 5 string bass). Currently working on a solo version of JS Bach Violin Sonata BWV 1001 Presto for high gain guitar. I have a Schecter Hellraiser with sustainiac, PRS CU 24, PRS DC3 and hopefully arriving tomorrow—ESP (E-II) LTD Horizon III FR. :smile: Also have been tabbing Petruccis Series from Guitar world for myself and students. Always working to improve speed and accuracy. I didn’t grow up around sweeps so much so that is an area I work on.
Thanks for asking.


That’s awesome. It’s cool to see your students are interested in metal. It’s not as much in vogue nowadays especially since the genre seems to be suffering an identity crisis with so many outside influences, but getting the youth interested is critical. You’re doing your part.


The group is pretty eclectic. We do some jazz and funk too. The metal guys move more in the Djent world.


Which song(s)? How’d they go over? Did you tackle Help On The Way/Slipknot!?


Thats the one. Went well. Turned into a jam.


Nice! That’s one that I’m slowly working on, mostly those jazzy chord changes in Help On the Way.


Its one of my Dead favorites.