Hello from NC, glad to be here!

I’m an old guy - I’ve been playing for over 30 years.
That said I’ve been mostly a rock and blues guy, with some fingerstyle thrown in there. Took lessons from various people including some pretty serious music theory when I was young,…a million years ago. Lol
Anyway I’ve always kind of had a Jimmy Pageish, semi sloppy thing going on ( No critique meant to Jimmy and definitely NOT putting myself as anywhere near him by the way).
Did a lot of finger style Doc Watson stuff too.
Never put enough serious study into real soloing technique to play like some of the greats that I’ve enjoyed over the years. Stumbled on to Troy’s work and decided just cuz I’m old doesn’t mean I can’t learn new tricks. So I bought the primer and now I’m gonna start getting really serious about this kind of technical work. Not a bad thing because it gives me something new to focus on instead of playing the same old licks I’ve been playing over and over.
Anyway glad to be here and looking forward to learning from everyone.


Welcome aboard. Im an old guy too, (52) with over 30 years playing.

one thing is for sure, there is no time limit on self improvement. As long as we are willing to change our habits then we can change our results. Ive made more gains this year than ever before.

Im a huge Jimmy fan too. Matter of fact I was just looking at old pics of him and posting them on fbook like 3 minutes ago lol. One of the habits that kills us in speed playing though is the “semi sloppy” thing. Practicing mistakes just leads to being good at mistakes.

btw, im right across the border in Va

Peace, JJ


“Practicing mistakes just leads to being good at mistakes.” You’re 100% right on that one.
Thanks for the encouragement! I’m stoked to have a path towards improvement.
I’m down near Raleigh. Not far. Maybe we can jam at some point. I’m 47 so we probably have some common influences.

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yeah im about 75 miles up the road.

My top 4 guys are probably Eddie, Jimmy, Jimi, Yngwie…then John Sykes, Michael Schenker, Jake E Lee, Gary Moore etc

one of the absolute best things to start shredding with is the ‘yngwie 6 note pattern’. Even taking 2 weeks and devoting it to that type of pattern will pay huge results

something like this with triplets or sextuplets

E------8–5--7–8--7–5—repeat etc

or the Joe Stump variation which I find easier

E----7–5--7–8--7–5 repeat

either of those are like basic DNA for shredding speed

Yeah, we definitely share the same influences.

I’m gonna try this Yngwie lick and the Stump version. I have a feeling the Stump version may be easier to get the flow of since it’s similar to a lick I already do (though without the proper picking)

Thanks for the help!

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