Hello from rainy Ireland

Hey, my names Matt. I’ve been a professional session guitarist for the past 20 years. I’m currently a PhD researcher focusing on the development of guitar technique. I’m really looking forward to engaging with you all over the course of my research.


Hi Matt,

What part of Ireland? I’m from Galway but living in Kildare.


Hey Tom, I’m from Derry City.


Welcome! Also hailing from Ireland. From Meath now living in Dublin :love_you_gesture:

Hey Man how’s things. I know both Meath and Dublin well. Thanks for saying hi.

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I live in Boston, MA does that count?

Haha, that does count in my book, Boston’s one of my favourite places to gig when in the States ive played the Wilbur several times. Fun city.

Hi Matt, I’m in beautiful Belfast. Good to see Irish member on here.

Thanks, you’re only down the road from me. It’s a great forum and I’m inspired to see so many people with a genuine interest in developing their technique.

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