Hello from Sweden! My "Troy changed everything" post


I’m a Swedish guy in my 30’s that, like most of us, have had picking problems from day one. I’d like to start off with saying that having found Troy is the single most groundbreaking thing in guitar playing for me.

I started off as a UWPS-player, probably because of the muting and anchoring capabilities that made it a very secure way of playing. I could quite early play certain licks like ascending and descending sixes with speed and accuracy, but had enormous problems with almost anything else. Especially the Gilbert-lick made me frustrated as Gilbert was a big picking hero of mine. This led me to try different hand positions, but always with a UWPS-angle for some reason. Could never figure out why certain string changes just worked and others did not. This went on the first 15 years of my guitar playing.

Enter CTC. My mind has been blown so many times during these years of subscription. Best money ever spent. My girlfriend often refer to Troy as being my ”God”, which actually might not be so far from the truth. :wink:

So many tings that I’ve taken away from CTC. Some of the biggest things are:

Rotational motion mechanic! As a UWPS-player I’ve always used deviation which works but it’s not a very natural movement to me. Troy showed that you could actually use the rotational arm movement that most of us use when playing air playing. To my thinking, this must be the most natural way for my body to move the pick back and forth. So how come I haven’t used it for real on the guitar? Now I’m working on integrating this as my basic motion mechanic. This feels so much more relaxed than my deviation based UWPS mechanic.

DWPS! This is the big revelation that explained why I could never play a lot of things. Especially a lot of metal riffs that really require DWPS to work. I’ve always seen guys having a different way of holding the pick but never understod why I shouldn’t be able to play the same riffs. Now this is the basis of my picking and it feels so good that I’m finally able to play pentatonics starting with a downstroke. Why I couldn’t do that before was a mystery and totally frustrating.

Swiping! This was the missing link for me. 2WPS is fantastic and I will work on that when I get my DWPS playing more developed, but for now swiping really works ok for a lot of the Gilbert style licks I’ve always wanted to be able to play. It made me able to play the infamous straight ascending 3nps scale I never could play before. For some reason swiping never worked in my UWPS playing. That feels like car crash. I STILL don’t really understand why.

So for now I’m working on getting my one way DWPS going. This still feels a bit odd, changing so many things in my basic playing style. I will probably post videos for help on the brilliant critique page.

Lastly, can’t thank you enough, Troy and the team! This has totally given my guitar playing new life.


Hey man! Thanks for writing and sorry for the delay in responding. Glad to hear things are working.

Re: rotational motion, it’s certainly a common movement but it’s most often used with a little bit of wrist action anyway. So your uwps wrist oriented skills will not go to waste even if you use a little forearm. We talked about this in the most recent live broadcast on picking motion, which is more accurate than what we have said about this movement in the past. So I’d check that out if you find that the movement is not clicking yet.