Hello! From the the land of the rising sun!

Hello from Sapporo japan! I am a relatively new player. I started playing guitar when I was 15 many many years ago. Got bitten by the metal bug (thanks Metallica!) and started playing guitar. Couldn’t find anyone to jam with and started playing bass. Played semi pro for a number of years, got burned out and quit music. I recently rediscovered and fell back in love with music. Got an ibanez rg670 ( japenese used market is cheap!) and started playing about 2 months ago on electric. I came across cracking the code about a year ago. Admittedly…to me…it looked like a used car sales pitch. But I joined the monthly lessons recently. I have to say …I am eating my words now. My picking ( which was horrible!) is actually starting to make sense now. There had to be some logical sense to the madness. I am still a beginner to using a pick again (after being a fingerstyle bass player for 25 years). It’s been very fun and interesting. I am looking forward to improving my playing and seeking advice in this forum. Thanks


Hello from Ottawa Canada. It really surprises me how diverse CTC members are, one day we will have a global shredding army :smiling_imp:


Irasshaimase! )


You can cross off japan and Hawaii on your list! I am actually friends Hawaii. Mahalo!

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