Hello, I'm Yisus!

Hello, I’m new here, and I have to thanks troy and his team for this opportunity. I am a beginner guitarist, I have 2 (1.5 is more accurate) years playing all self taught. I’m just playing (at least trying) kiko loureiro and some jazz or blues playing by far.


Hey @Extase, welcome to the Forum!

Kiko wrote some very ambitious stuff, but why not!

Let us know hoe we can help :slight_smile:


Thanks man!! I want to play like that, and so many more

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Kiko is one of those players who can play anything! Like John Petrucci or Steve Morse, or Guthrie Govan… well Guthrie is an :alien: can play things nobody else dares :blush:
So aiming at Kiko’s technique is a great.

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