Hello my fellow pick-obsessed scholars!

I’m Francis, Frank from Québec Canada and have been playing guitar for, many years, many hours in lol. I always had this decent technique going for me and I have reprogrammed my picking hand a few times in the past. I was all petrucci 20 years ago, then all Eric johnson, Then some Yngwie for a while because I’m a primary DWPS and it just feels so natural to me… However the fastest scallar playing a could do was with the petrucci style which seems to me is a little more 2 way with a flat attack on the string…

Now my biggest interest right now is fluidity and musicality. I feel that DWPS is fantastic for ascending lines but somehow I have a hard time with accents and SWING. So I came to this conclusion; Cross picking is the SWING-EST of picking stroke, anyone agree ? Like Martin Miller does and of course Albert Lee, all the Bluegrass dudes with Andy… man cross pickin has a natural SWING to it, it’s in the nature of the velocity of the movement. And I mean it makes interval and string skipping a breeze for some cool lines

So I’m trying now to reprogram this picking hand to a blend of DWPS and crosspicking ! Works for me. Anyway I’m just rambling !

I hope we will get to see Guthrie here and Jonathan Kreisberg how has a deadly picking technique !

Cheers my friends have a great day !



Hi Frank, welcome to the forum, glad you found us! Take a look around, feel free to post questions here any time, and definitely let us know if there’s anything else we can help with :slight_smile: