Hello, new member here

Hi everyone, I wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I’ve been playing guitar for 11 years, started when I was 35 and I’m now 46. I love rock music from the classic stuff through a lot of the new stuff today. I’m in a couple of bands and I manage to muddle through, but I’ve always known that my picking technique was holding me back. I just never knew what to do about it! That’s why I’m here, I can’t wait to start my subscription and see if I can improve my picking.

I started learning from the video game Rocksmith and that gave me the confidence that I could actually play guitar like I always wanted to. Before that game, learning guitar seemed like an impossible dream. I did take lessons over the years, both in person and over Skype/online. I learned some great stuff and turned into a mediocre musician, but I’m really hoping to take things to the next level. One thing I never really sorted out was speed picking, so I’m hoping I can make some progress here. Can’t wait to get started!


Hi 2 All…iam a newbie here …ive been playing since i was 14 yrs old…been in and out of various bands from Bluegrass to Rock n Roll covers to Originals,watching Troy has helped me reevaluate my picking hand and i hope 2 purchase a magnet 2 improve ,Not 2 suck up 2 Troy but his analysis is nothing short of PHENOMINAL !!! Thanks Troy !!!

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Hi @Barks62 and @Uncle_Beau welcome. I’m about 2 weeks in on the subscription myself.

It’s definitely worth it, there is an absurd amount of content all really well done. Plus the option for technique critiques from the coaches.

Yes …there is a ton of material on the website…I am just starting 2 check out the free downloads given after joining the site …( Thanks Troy ! )…I did watch some of Troy’s clips on Youtube which made me more aware of using pick slanting a few years ago as like Troy I bought some of the same VHS tapes during the 80s but couldn’t quite execute some of the lessons …I was even fortunate 2 meet Michael Angelo Batio at one of his seminars and bought his tape But again i couldnt execute the lessons up 2 his speed But after watching Troy’s all nighter video it started 2 make sense and caused me 2 improve my pick slanting technique …that being said I really hope 2 purchase one of those Magnet devices so i can see what I am doing wrong ( or maybe correctly ) as i am still not up 2 the clean articulation consistently !

That’s my next question, any idea if/when the magnets will be available again? I saw threads on possible alternatives but none of those were still in stock.

Last I saw the team was working through a lot of original backer orders among many other things they are handling, and working on the logistics of shipping all over the place.

Last word was they are super aware of the demand, and have the plans for whatever the next round will look like, but are taking care of their backers first. CtC team is really small so we’ll have to be patient with this one. :+1:

If you check out some of the forum posts you can see how a lot of members have gotten great recordings without the Magnet so I think that’s the best option for now.

Small tripods work great, significant others. I bought a gooseneck phone holder on Amazon for pretty cheap and that worked out pretty well.