Hello new to the group

Hello new to the group I’ve been playing since early 80’s and I have to say never mastered sweep picking and I find it very interesting on the different ways to pick and plan on getting them all down


Hey! Thanks for stopping by. FYI I think you accidentally posted your post in the title, so the whole thing was the subject! I switched it to the post, and shortened the title. You can edit it and to whatever you like.

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Hello - great site. Just another OCD wirebender looking to sharpen that axe.


Howdy folks!

23 years old, been playing for 12 years now :open_mouth:

Got pretty good at alternate picking fast but have been at a plateau for probably around 4 years at this point with no idea how to improve. It’s mostly accuracy issues, I can pick fast but I always end up screwing up stuff, even things I’ve played for years.

Here’s hoping I can finally start making progress again!