Hello to everybody!


Hey everybody!

My name is Dev and I’ve been playing guitar for about 30-32 years, most of which struggling for the clean shred picking sound, like Dimeola and Malmsteen and others, only to never quite be able to ‘get it down’ and settling for what I would consider fooling with ‘parlor trick licks’ I would come up with, that I could actually ‘shred’ or just always legato - but without realizing that it was simple pick slanting causing the issue all the time! Never gave up on guitar, went on to classical guitar, and achieved very competent levels with classical as well as blues. But could never get the “What’s that Smell?” by Macabre interlude ever…

I’ve subscribed to the Masters of Mechanics program for about a month now and now holy smokes can’t stop shredding! Now that I learned about pick slanting - holy smoke was it really just that simple all this time?!?

so anyway, let’s suffice it to say everyone around me is getting pretty sick to death of hearing the shredding practice all the time, but can’t stop watching in abject amazment! The blues band I’m in is probably starting to wonder about getting another guitarist! … just kidding, after a month of practicing downward pickslanting, I unleashed on them completely unsuspecting and was met with complete jaw drops.

I know it sounds stupid, I don’t care lol! Man, after downward pickslanting for a month, if I had known about this 30 years ago, man oh man… is all I can say …


Hey Dev, welcome to the forum and thanks for subscribing! Awesome to hear our material has been helpful. Let us know if there’s anything we can help with. Lots of great conversations here, definitely suggest searching for any topic of interest and / or starting new posts for any questions or things you’d like to discuss with the community!