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TLDR: Hello!

Hello everyone,

I am Dan, I have been playing for the majority of my life, which is weird to say, but true. The picture in my avatar is when I first started getting into guitar.

I am from a jazz background, after playing rock for the first 4/5 years of playing. I came from a heavily legato-based style, which is a little too reminiscent of Pat Metheny. I rarely play my archtop guitars, I mostly play acoustic now, as I am getting older I am starting to prefer the simplicity.

I have had the pleasure of a great teacher who taught me to practice and transcribe and I have loved sitting down and learning solos, tunes, and all of the things that I think is great.

Since my playing is very legato based, I was never that good at picking every note. It has been a goal that I have been attempting to attain for sometime. However, I have discovered this site from watching YouTube, and the past week I have been attempting to play with two way pick-slanting. I have had so much fun doing this that I am actually considering buying an RG550 (or better, a fixed bridge Ibanez) much to my family’s amusement, which I suppose is better and safer than a motorbike.

Although, I have a day job which is demanding, I still get to play 3-4 hours a day, which is at the moment taken playing down, up, rotate and down!


Sorry for the delayed reply here. Thanks for signing up and welcome to the forum! Glad you’re enjoying so far. Please let us know if there’s anything else we can help with :smiley:

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Hey, hello! Thanks Brendan