HELP 2NPS USX issues!

Hello everyone!
this problem has plagued me for a long time now.
every time I do a fast run of 2nps pentatonic it comes out like this. very few times good and very many not.
last year I noticed a speed benefit by taking my wrist off the guitar body.
I notice in the slow video that despite the dwps during the upstrokes I still hit the string above.
and that sometimes I hit 3 notes on the same string without realizing it!
please can you give me some help?

here the video of the problem orig speed video

here the same video but in slow-motion slowmo

this like is taken from this song min. 1.57. Song’s lick

thank you!

Great playing!

I could be wrong, but my take is that even though you have a visible downward pick slant, your motion is actually more DSX om these 2nps phrases. Again, I could be wrong, but to me it looks like your elbow is driving the motion and that’s normally a DSX trajectory we’re left with. I’ve actually been here myself :slight_smile: If I’m right, the solution is to either learn another motion (such as forearm rotation or wrist) that allows USX, OR to keep your current motion but to start all the 2nps phrases with an upstroke. That’s sometimes easier said than done, particularly in phrases like you’re playing that have all the tight rhythmic palm muted pedal tone stuff going on between the melodic parts. If that turns out to be an option for you though, you may want to try a more neutral (or even slightly upward) pick slant as that can help with smoothness on the pick strokes.

Final suggestion (again, only if I’m right) is to try forcing an elbow motion to do USX. The only way I recall seeing that on the CtC platform is Zakk Wylde’s way:

Anyway, great playing and good luck!

Thanks a lot for the answer! the rotation of the forearm I noticed that I can only apply the technique on a string such as tremolo. but when I have to change strings I stiffen and go back to doing the same movement you see in the video I uploaded!

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When I first tried a rotational movement I think I experienced the same thing. That elbow just wants to take over. What helped me ease into it was slowing the tremolo down just a little and doing melodies with a tremolo. First, on one string, then changing strings. I haven’t filmed myself in a while. I wouldn’t be surprised if my elbow is still involved, but that rotation is definitely happening at least enough for the escapes to work.