Help needed learning Mixed Escape Picking(Wrist-Based Two-Way Pickslanting)

Hey everyone, I made a somewhat similar post a while ago but forgot the password for the account so here we go again.

For context, this is the technique I’m looking to develop, two way pickslanting primarily from the wrist:

And here’s my current sloppy technique:

Overall my technique feels uncontrolled and unreliable slightly in the tremolo playing, and very much in scale playing and is clearly very slow on string switching phrases. There seems to be some kind of arm shaking happening as I play too.
I’m aiming to switch to almost exclusively wrist motion which is needed for the technique, but in my tremolo picking there seems to be a slight engagement of the elbow and even a bit of forearm, but I’m not entirely sure. When picking very slow I think I have some kind of double escape motion.

So basically my question is, how do I make the switch from my current technique to the technique Troy uses in the video provided?(Eg. How to position my hand, how to isolate the picking to my wrist instead of engaging elbow, how to practice the movement, etc). I don’t really know where to start.

I know it’s discouraged to aim for a specific technique instead of experimenting and finding your own, but I’ve tried that and haven’t managed to land on anything usable so far, so I’d like to give this a shot and see how it goes. Thanks in advance for any and all help.

Here’s another angle if it helps:

Looking at your trem, you seem to be using a good amount of elbow picking while planting your wrist firmly when going fast. The reason the speed isn’t translating to the 3nps line is that you’re having to move your wrist anchor as you go, which doesn’t allow you to use your “forearm motion with heavily planted wrist” technique.

I would recommend using smaller chunks of circular patterns on only 2 strings to develop your speed for DBX lines.

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