Help - pedal addiction!

Got a new pedal today - think I need therapy hahahah - love it - great sound!

here’s a quick blast on it - direct out from the pedal no post FX or IR’s. Picking waay too hard - but I really really love the muddy bass - makes lower notes a ton easier to playProcessing: MojoMofoPG.wav...

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I can’t figure out how to play your sample; can other people hear it?

ahh I think there’s a issue with upload wav’s on messages!

Here’s a link I posted on FB

here’s a quick blast - sloppy playing - direct out from the pedal - no post fx at all - that’s the sound you get if u plug headphones directly into the pedal. Settings are Drive max, Bass 3/4 Treble 1/2. I was picking waaay to hard on this lot - and had the treble at 1/4 for half of it.

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Right. Pretty sure mp3’s are allowed though.

Yeah I tried wav mp3 and mp4 - popped up with a error/warning e.t.c. board could have bit rot of something?

Sounds cool (and great playing). I can’t remember where I’ve heard a tone like this but it seems familiar. Maybe some recording from the 90’s?

Tell u what - I’m loving that pedal - it is the classic gilbert tone - or at least part of it - that bass it blooms out and covers up any crap playing. I recognize it most with the Album version of scarified - that first bar of muting is that pedal/tone. Been playing it non stop for a day now - just working out it’s different sounds. It’s one mystery solved for me - the other is now how actually play as fast as paul :slight_smile:

Hmm I need one of these

Keep us posted when you figure that out!

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I know how y’all feel about pedal addiction, it’s a lot of fun to just switch out a component and then have all kinds of new magic powers…

I had a Mojo Mojo for a while, but I found that the Boss OD 200 was able to get really, really close to that so I just recently got rid of most of my pedal acquisitions and landed here; I am going to remove the JHS Purple sock (Fuzz) because the Waza Fuzz and the OD 200 both scratch that itch pretty nicely. lol I will likely plunk a Strymon Sunset overdrive in it’s place because, well you HAVE to have at least 5 drives, right?.. :grinning:


Love it!!! I didn’t expect to get into this pedal lark - I mean I write my own DSP e.t.c.
But oh my god - I’m really deep into the pedals at the moment - hahaah I now have 6 drives for parallel recording fun! 11 pedals in total so far - I think that’s all I need at the moment tho. Boss OD 200 sounds interesting i’ll have to check it out - you got a raw recording of it? Waza fuzz - I’ll have to check that out as well - I have the Waza Metal zone and it’s great for board sexyness - hahahah - good sound too!

Are you going to be running your DSP software on your laptop or on a cheap DSP chip that is embedded in a pedal?

will be running any of my own DSP on my laptop (VST or Reaper JS). I looked into embedded stuff for a year or so - it’s just waaay to much work to get everything together - it’s the hardware that’s the issue - getting decent input and output to the chips (esp, teensy, pico, pi zero e.t.c), I couldn’t find a simple solution apart from building my own io hardware, which requires building a PCB, HI Z buffers e.t.c. which is more and more work - so I gave up on all of that. So I got a Behringer 1820 interface - which just gives me plenty of inputs, no more messing around with embedded stuff.


As a fellow H9 and DD-500 owner, I can’t help but notice that no MIDI cables are connected to them. I suspect that you’d greatly enjoy the things that MIDI can do for you. MIDI clock could sync the delays and modulation effects to a tempo that you tap or input on the H9. The H9’s looper can also sync to the clock, and you can specify loop length in number of beats to keep that lined up perfectly with the delays.

That’s just the clock. MIDI can also change presets on 5 of those pedals simultaneously. Then there’s the possibility of assigning various parameters to an expression pedal. Each of those 500-series pedals is able to assign 10+ parameters to an expression pedal. Wild effects are possible, like making the H9 into a whammy pedal and assigning delay feedback so that the same pedal controls both. You get infinite sustain on the high notes.

It’s pretty easy to sell any excess pedals on Reverb if you find that some aren’t needed any longer. I’ve had nothing but good experiences on Reverb transcactions.


@MichaelT Guilty! :grinning:lol Honestly, I just got the pedals and have been mucking around learning to use each one in isolation - the H9 still kind of messes with my mind, but dammit do I love what it can do! midi’ing them up is on my list of things to do…hahahaha
lol PS My board is just some junk pallet I spray bombed black hahaha I kind of want to get a temple board so all my stuff can look cool and perfectly situated…

I am impressed with people that love individual pedals and combine them with analog tube amps. I am stricken with laziness and have a Fractal Axe FX3, so I don’t really do much except pretend to be a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier, occasionally turning an effect on/off. I can imagine that it takes a long time to master an H9, etc.

One thing that I might attempt, however, is to put entire songs in my Mac (Logic Studio) and then have it send MIDI events to the FX3 to change the tone appropriately (between rhythm, lead, whatever)… I presume that would be possible with the advanced pedals, but what does one do with the classic stuff that is probably all analog? :thinking:


I had an AxeFX Ultra, I thought it would be the be all end all, but as it turned out I actually didn’t like it that much. I am a bit dense when it comes to programming stuff, hahaha pedals through a single channel amp is PERFECT for me! I have an L6 hx stomp that I use for gigs and jamming - it’s just ultra portable! But I find it to be a pain in the butt to dial in…

I am thinking of ditching my tube amps though and going for something like a Boss Nextone, because i reeeeally hate pying/waiting for replacement tubes.

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It is truly the Swiss Army Pedal. It’s the pedal that has been on my board the longest, I know it well. You may find that it can replace the Harmonist and the tuner on your board. Mine generally stands in for a Whammy pedal or a looper these days, but it has shifted its role many times. It’s great for filling on that one time you need (for example) a synthesizer sound or a ring modulator.

When you plan out the board for MIDI, note that the H9’s MIDI ports are on the left side of the pedal. They take up quite a bit of real estate and constrain the placement of this pedal.

Could something like this help?

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wow nice find!! thx - I might get one and play around with it when they have them back in stock. The Pi Zero is a total beast of a MCU - it has really fast FPU which is perfect for DSP. It’s waaay faster than the teensy 4.1 - which surprisingly used in the Tone-X pedal. I’ll have to check if their code is native or using linux - Don’t wanna use linux - the fastest boot up time is several seconds - which you don’t want on a pedal.

Sorry, I just noticed it has a mere twelve bits for ADC, that’s not very good…