HELP!Playing for 30 years or so... Wizard Neck... Just bought YJM Signature guitar


so shocked. I own a ton of Vintage Jems… all I play.

Tonight I bought the Signature YJM guitar. uhhhhh help.

The best neck I have ever felt. scallopped allow deep digging. it’s just amazing.
21 frets??? WTF.
A lot of my repitoire is impossible to play now.
Has anyone dealt with this insane issue??? I think I am going custom at this point. I can’t do without that scalloped fretboard. I love it.



Yngwie has one. I wonder why he doesn’t play out with it. Check the link.
Why does TONE matter… does TONE matter considering 21 vs 24 frets???
My issue is that TONE can be corrected with modern electronics.

thats just an Yngwie thing, I guess he wants it to be like an old fashioned classic strat…and he has that note he hits all the time which I suppose would be a high e (ignoring tuned down half step) where he bends the 21st fret up etc. if he played 22 it would probably mess him up lol

he wears that 21st fret out…imagine if u gave him a wizard neck lol

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Bro… exactly!!!

I have to add… the neck is not as fast as the Wizard at all… but… it’s feels like that perfect girlfriend


Warmoth sells fully-scalloped 24 fret Stratocaster replacement necks, FYI.

go to 6:58 to see what he thinks of 22 frets lol

man… I feel so stupid just realizing this… it’s pretty basic that if you don’t have 24 frets your playing is limited. He really hates 22 frets… omg so funny.

The only downside that I see for 24 frets is that it does push the neck pickup significantly towards the bridge, hence it changes the tone. The upside to me is symmetry, somehow I love having the top and bottom halves of then neck perfectly match… but, in some sense, I rarely use the top few frets.

I really don’t feel limited when I play on my 21 frets strats.

As the matter of fact, I have a Hendrix one like, which is a left handed guitar turned all the way. That makes upper fret access really hard, and it is the reason Jimi hardly ever plays in that register. So Hendrix played something like a 19-20 fretted guitar all his career.

Now tell me that Jimi’s playing was limited. Obviously it was not.

What I’m trying to say is that you only have to change a little bit your perspective and take your new instrument for what it is. A strat is not a Jem, and a 4 string bass is not a 6 string bass, but you have endless things that you can play either with 21 frets or 4 strings.

Having said that, I might be interested in buying your neck if it is the all mapple version and the price is good. That way you can get some cash for the Warmoth scalloped 24 frets. PM if interested.

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side note. Hendrix had really long fingers

And still you won’t see him reaching for the 21 fret.

Most guitars have terrible access to the 24th fret (even if they have one), and I’m not sure how much music actually needs to reach E6, so 22 is probably fine for most people. Then again…

Sky Guitars! I’ll have what they’re smokin :joy:

There was a time not too long ago where I was chasing them 29 fretter Washburns, never found one, still want one for some nutty Paganini stuff.

Since that wasn’t happening, I started to look at mini slides rings etc., just quietly gave up, going that high for the most part is just shenanigans.

Who can deny the beauty of the 21 fret straocaster. One of those rear flawless things.

interesting that this vid should pop up today


Jon, this is sick man!

Sorry to get off topic.

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Hey there!

I have one of those EC-29s.
I own it since I think 1991, bought it used for 1000 Deutschmarks.
To be honest, the frets above 24 are pretty much useless, at least for my fingers, but man, can you reach the 24th fret easily.
Fantastic guitar, will never sell it :wink:

Sorry, Thomas

PS: there is a 36 fret version called EC-36. Ahh, the 80s… Drugs everywhere.
PPS: There is an EC-29 on Ebay right now. I don’t know if it would be ok to post Ebay-links here. You’ll find it…

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bend the hell out of the last note its the yngway. when he runs out of notes he bends it there, thats his signature sound. be happy with that guitar ive wanted it for over 20 years.


great point bradejensen!!!

I think ULI ,Blackmore, basically YJM’s heroes all played 21 fret "Big Head "Strats. I think one of the greatest things about YJM is that he does it on a 21 fret Strat. I picked up a YJM signature model earlier this year. Its a very nice guitar, I recommend it for those that are thinking about one. You will not be disappointed.