Help with Delay and Looper Pedal

This is probably a really dumb question but…

I’m setting up my pedal board and have ran into a bit of a problem. The last pedal in my chain is my ditto looper. The only pedal I have in the effects loop is my carbon copy delay. They both work fine individually, but the ditto won’t record the delay pedal.

So…do I put the looper into the effects loop after the delay? If I do so, will it record the other effects in the chain?

I hope I explained that correctly.

  • The looper should record everything yes if it’s last in the chain.
  • I guess you’ve got an effects loop on your amp and your pedal board in between your guitar and the amp. So anything you put in that effects loop will be applied to the input of the amp (your guitar + everything on the pedal board).
  • if you put the looper in the effects loop it would have be after the delay to record the delay yes, and it will record everything on the amps input as well.

Ah okay perfect! Thanks a lot!

Properly speaking, unless there’s a specific effect you’re going for, any time-based effects (delay, looping, chorus, etc) should be in the loop, to fall after any preamp gain. Definitely try it in the loop, and positioned before or after the delaty depending on if you want to record any delays in your loop, or have any looped parts trigger the delay as well.


Yep, that fixed it! I had the looper last in the chain and the delay by itself in the fx loop, which didn’t work. I moved the looper into the fx loop behind the delay and now everything works perfectly.

The looper can record any of the other pedals, including the delay, and it will keep whatever i record printed even if i turn off the pedal afterward. Thanks!!

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