Help with fast downstrokes

hi there i’m struggling with fast downstrokes i dont know what it is i`ve tried different grips , do you hit the strings hard? i was playing soft for a longtime but if i strike hard it sounds better but i get tired quickly here are some examples:

Looks like most of your motion is coming from the wrist; for fast sustained downstrokes, I tend to use more forearm rotation and some elbow for accents. Have you experimented with other motions?

Thanks for the reply bro, yeah i tried use forearm rotation but i felt it way more difficult, i’ve just found this video of ben eller where the talks about an outside stroke rather than a downstroke i guess i’ll give it a shot. Both trying again forearm and also the outsroke, looks like ben uses mostly wrist and like you said a little bit of elbow for accents may be there are two ways because. You and brendan small. Use fore arm

also one question do you strike the strings hard or soft when playing faster tempos?

I think for rhythm stuff it’s pretty hard mainly because it sounds better that way. I could maybe go faster but then you’d trade out aggression and we can’t have that lol.

I see hehe i’m giving a shot for playing hard on downstrokes and strumming maybe all i need is punch