Help with my crosspicking

Well Im new here and I’m not sure if the video is clear enough but I’ve practicing my crosspicking for quite some time and I dont feel like its any good yet, I think im using some finger movement when changing strings


What issues are you having? From what I’m seeing, your playing is off the chain. Great pick escape, synchronization, and cleanliness.


When I play the full arpeggio I feel tension in my arm and I dont feel I’m playing all the notes

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Hmm. Maybe I’m wrong, but it looked to me (even at .5 youtube speed) that you were playing all of the notes. I’m sure some guys like @tommo and @Troy can analyze your playing better.

As for the tension in your arm, does it get worse with speed? If you can send us some more videos playing as fast and as hard as you can, we might be able to give some tips to loosen up the tension in your playing.

Either way, it sounds great man. I understand where you’re coming from as to wanting to make sure every note is played and not hammered-on, and it looks like you have good framework to build off of if that’s the case.

Hopefully some more people will chime in to give some pointers

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Yeah the tension gets worse with speed, I’ll try and upload another clip tommorow. Thanks for the feedback

Your scale playing is amazing! You should be teaching us on this one (not joking! You can do a show and tell post if you feel like sharing some tips / details on how you do it).

The arpeggio sounds nice but it’s always hard to tell if it’s efficient at these moderate speeds. Since you mention tension, there may be some hopping going on. The usual suggestion as @jasper426 correctly mentions is to see what happens when you just try to wing it at higher speeds (whatever speed you are sure you can’t do with hopping/repeated downstrokes)


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(edit: because this is fantastic)


Sorry for taking so long, played triplets at 190 bpm. Here I feel like im pushing it but only when I play the full arpeggio, when I play the top half ot feels just fine

And in terms of scale playing I think that when Im crossing strings Im using my fingers to the slanting but I’m not really sure about that

Is this just a figure of speech or…?

I think past a certain speed you can no longer “feel” all the notes, it’s more a case of executing the pattern as a whole.

Trying to force the sensation of feeling each individual stroke past a certain speed level just leads to excess tension, locking up etc.

Of course I’m only talking from my own experience here.

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It might just be me, but was the video removed for “violating Youtube’s terms of service”?

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Apparently it did…

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That’s bs idek how it could’ve violated the terms

Am I imagining this or did Troy once speak of the dangers of filming repeated close ups of fleshy body parts when automated detection algorithms are in play?


Its more of a I feel like I’m missing notes, maybe its not clear enough in the audio. Here I played it at 200bpm and it feels pretty sloppy, at least the full arpeggio does

The algorithm detection thing was in the Andy Wood livestream.