Help with my DBX! Not sure if stringhopping or extending wrist

Okay, I’ve started recording myself today (and sharing my discoveries here).

The thing is: I am confused with the Double Scape (DBX). I am not sure if I am doing a wrist deviation or if I am stringhopping.

It also seems that I am using a Forearm Supination/Pronation movement
Here a recording at 0.2x:

Here at 1x:

Thi is the phrase I am trying to play:

And here I am trying to play an Am (1 note-per-string) arpeggio:

At 0.2x:

At 1x:

What I am playing:

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This looks great to me! I think string hopping is made out to be a Boogeyman most of the time, and I wouldn’t worry about it until you feel like you can’t push max speed on a long enough timeline (my opinion of course).


Hey @Pepepicks66.

Thanks again for your piece of advice. I’ve actually been thinking about it and it makes sense.

So, the idea is to explore my mechanics and find where I need to optimize onc I reach a plateau, right?

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@john_louis That’s what I would recommend. Try out different techniques and see which ones fit the most with your goals, and develop / troubleshoot from there. What you have right now looks like it has plenty of room for growth, and nothing stands out as incorrect, so just develop it and see where it goes. Depending on how much time and focus you have, you could also develop different techniques at the same time.

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Thanks Pepe. Will try playng faster in order to develop/troubleshoot what I already have


As usual @Pepepicks66 hits the nail on the head :slight_smile:

Exactly! Stringhopping and “efficient DBX” can look so similar that it can be very hard to tell from the outside. The only real test is to try things fast (at least every now and then). With stringhopping you will simply not be able to do it. Proper DBX may get sloppier, but it will do the higher speed.


That is right Tomm, am testing what Troy, @Pepepicks66 and you (And Michael Angelo Batio when giving us the key to the Lambo) advice. Playing faster in order to detect what efficient technique feels like.

Also am re-watching the PRIMER and taking the tests again, has been just awesome. This weekend will post my progress.

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