Help with Pinch harmonics please


I am playing for a long time now and still havent been able to develop a proper pinch haromincs technique. I can get the squeal sound but its not consistent and i cant depend on it.
please help me out on how to make it consistent and controlable.

Here is a bit about my playing style.

I am mainly a downward pick slanter
I hold the pick with a standard grip… Not too close to the edge

One particluar question i have is: holding the pick closer to edge improves the chances so does it mean one has to hold the pick close to edge all the time or only change stance prior to playing a squealie.

Thanks for your help.

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A few assumptions here…
You have a high gain amp, and fairly high output pickups. ( I know you can perform the technique without, were talking optimal conditions).

If the above is order …

PHs only occur on down strokes, or are most easily achieved with ds. You will only need to choke up on the pick when performing the actual squeal. It’s just an instantaneous motion.

Check out Pantera tutorials on YouTube, along with Zack Wyldes stuff. You’ll be pulling them off in no time

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Finger a fret, pluck a string, and barely touch it with your right hand and listen to the sound. Look at touching at distances like 1/2 or 1/3 or 1/4 of the effective string length. Once you can get harmonics like this, try it with your thumb touching at the same point while you’re plucking the string, it’s the same basic idea if I understand the concept correctly.