Hey guys, Claudio here

Hello peoples. I’m Claudio, 27 years old player who made a little career here in his location. I were a young promise until tragedies hit. So, i’m still struggling to make it in music.



Hi Claudio, welcome!

I hope you’ll be able to find new musical opportunities soon, let us know if there anything we can help you with :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the oportunity! I’m eager to get the best i can from this!

Claudio, Where are you from? I’m highly looking forward to know more about you.

What your interests are?
What are you currently working on (related to your guitar playing)

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Hey John, how are you? I’m from Chile, here in south america. I’m working in getting my picking neat, i’ve realized that i use the v way of picking a lot, so i’m getting straightier and it is easier, but i’m not used to it so i’m getting control to it.

I want to be faster, at a controlled paced. I’ve been such a perfectionist, and Eric Johnson is my reference of clean playing, so i’m trying to scale through the guitar to that style.

That’s awesome Claudio. Don’t stop working on improving your picking technique. It will allow you to play the music you’ve always wanted!

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