Hey! It's Alex from NYC!

Hi Cracking the Code people!

I’m Alex and I’m from NYC. I’m a college student and have been playing for about three years now. When I first started playing I practiced a lot but fell prone to a hand injury in my left hand which I have recently permanently cured! (If anyone is struggling with chronic hand pain, read the Mindbody Prescription by Dr. John Sarno, it’ll change your life. Don’t worry this ain’t an ad I just figured since it helped me it might help others).

Anyway, I currently have two bands, one called Python, which is my main musical focus, and the other called Van Wyck. Python is me and a friend of mine writing metal…not really sure what subgenre it falls under but there are elements of doom, thrash, prog, black…we have honestly too many influences lol. Van Wyck is more of a grunge band that I joined back in November.

Alternate picking always proved problematic for me until I joined this website. Even though I literally joined TWO WEEKS AGO, I feel like my picking has improved a lot. I’ve mainly been working through the Yngwie and EJ stuff in Pickslanting primer, as I figured out that upward pickslanting is almost painful for me to use. One thing I’ve noticed that’s kinda difficult for me, however, is economy picking. I tend to try and force the pick through the strings a little too hard, thus creating tension between my thumb and index finger to the point where after a while it starts to hurt. But the six notes per string exercises are really helping me build speed in my wrist which is awesome.

Troy, you are a mad genius. Thank you for using your powers for good by helping others. Have a good one!


Hi Alex, thanks for signing up, welcome to the forum!

Awesome to hear you’ve been seeing some good progress so far even in just a few weeks :slight_smile: Hope you continue to enjoy the site and please let us know if there’s anything we can help with, give feedback on, etc.

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