Hey, nice to meet you here!

Hi all.

Nice to meet you and thank you for creating the YouTube video lessons. They opened completely another world to me on guitar technique!

My name is Paolo and I’m playing guitar since 30 years with highs and lows but a lot of love for music.
I love the good ol’ R&R and hard rock stuff (Led Zeeps, Deep Purple…), the blues (matt Schofield, BB King, SRV…) and the jazz (Pat Metheny, John Scofield, Wes…)

I’m in a sort of crisis regarding my music passion and I really hope to get out of it soon.

  • I’m both a self-taught and learned with teachers over the years…
  • I probably didn’t spend the right amount of time on technique, otherwise I wouldn’t be here.
  • I watched the first episodes on YouTube and I found them really eye opening…
  • Yes I can play a scale probably till 200(?) not sure about my speed at all…
  • I find myself stuck on speed, accuracy and left hand speed… It seems it can’t go faster than a certain speed and sometimes I am worried that I have some kind of muscle disease or simply I am genetically poor in speed…

Anyway, keep going Troy Grady, you rock!!!


Welcome aboard!

I doubt you have a disease lol. Speed can be about becoming more efficient and relaxed in your technique. It helps to become very aware of tension levels while you are playing

Yes, probably you’re right. Anyway, since speed was always not mine, I am here to become more efficient in that.

Thanks for your answer JonJon!

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