Hi everybody! I'm Luca from Italy!


hi everyone, my name is Luca and I’ve been a subscriber of cracking the code in the early days and I loved it so much. Troy Grady was like a messiah for me and his work was really what I was searching for. I’m a huge fan of Yngwie and the downward pickslanting technique was a big revelation for me.
I practiced hard for some time now and I started a YouTube channel as well. In my first videos I spoke about pickslanting in Italian language and spoke about Troy’s work (with proper links as well) and I hope I could spread the word also in my country and get this community new fans and members.
I recently uploaded a video explaining some of the Yngwie’s licks during the Alcatrazz era (in english language this time) and I’ll be glad if anyone would like to watch it! :slight_smile:

I want to say thank you very much to Troy and all the staff because I’m an happier guitar player now and I’m having much more fun!!!

I put the link of YT channel if anyone would like to pass by and watch some of my content!




Hey Luca, welcome to the forum! Thanks for helping spread the word :slight_smile:


Hi Brendan, I uploaded on my YT channel more videos about pick slanting and I’m about to release an online course. I’ll do that because a lot of fellas italians have some difficulties with the english language and they can’t understand clearly the material on Troy’s channel.
I don’t want to infringe any copyright and I have so much respect of what you have done, the explanation of the pickslanting by Troy was for me an amazing epiphany in my guitar player career.
So, my question is: Is Pickslanting or Pick slanting a word covered by copyright by Cracking the code? Am I able to incorporate that word without bothering anyone?
Of course all the material I present in my course is my personal material developed during the years and my personal method to teach alternate picking and economy picking but of course it includes the pick slanting concept, without copying any particular lesson or video that you guys produced.
I hope everything is ok for you guys, as I said I have so much respect for the all the work You’ve done and if you need any collaboration to do anything for the Italian people, I’m here to help.



Hey Luca, thanks for asking. Sure, totally fine with us to use this vocabulary in your own lessons. As long as it’s not directly copying our lesson material, we’re happy to see the concepts / terminology enter the wider lexicon and be adopted by teachers around the world.

There are actually quite a few teachers here on the forum and it’s always cool for us to hear the various methods others use to teach this stuff; it helps us improve how we think about and teach the material as well. (See for example this super long discussion about shifting away from just using the term “pickslanting” in favor of more accurately distinguishing the pick orientation / slant from its motion path or “escape”: Pickslanting is dead. Long live pickslanting!)

It would be interesting to hear about challenges or any general thoughts when it comes to translating ideas from Cracking the Code into a different language, as well as anything else when it comes to approaches to teaching technique. We have a category #teachers-lounge that’s a good place if you’d like to discuss further at any point.


Oh thanks a lot, this is the bet answer I could ask for.
I’ll definitely check the sections and the articles you mentioned!
Thanks again!!!