Hi from Belgium!

Hi all,

I’m 36 years old and started about 4 years ago with electric guitar and started to make it a bit more serious in the last 8 months or so. Since i picked up the guitar, i always knew i had a feeling for very fine (finger) movements, but my timing was just plain bad.

i practice about 3 hours / a day

Where are you in your guitar journey?

  • How many years have you been playing: 4
  • What musical genres are you interested in?: Heavy Metal, Powermetal, symphonic metal(think Epica, Nightwish)
  • Particular things you’re excited to learn / talk about here?

How have you gone about learning guitar so far?

  • Self-taught? Regular lessons with a teacher: Started the Justinguitar way, than searched for a teacher.

First teacher was just the wrong one for me, he was just an all-round teacher, not specialized in metal and hardrock material. Than i found one that does and he put me on the path of Troy Stetina’s method books(lead vol 1, rhythm vol 1).

  • Have you spent much time on technique before finding our stuff: Hard to say, its just trial and error for me. When i’m not sure, i open youtube :slight_smile:

  • What Cracking the Code material have you watched: Currently in the beginning of the journey and i already noticed that when i play fast stuff and cross strings, its mostly from the forearm out and not the wrist as i first thought .

  • Can you comfortably play a scale? At roughly what speed: Got bored exploring scale shapes and moved on… no idea what speed it was back than, not much :slight_smile:

  • Any particular things you find yourself stuck on:

Keeping on time while going faster and faster.

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