Hi from California

Hi Folks – I have been a MiM subscriber to CtC for a year and have had an incredible experience with the product. I have been playing since I was 12, mostly rock/metal, acoustic in college, and then flamenco for a number of years. Started back on electric a few years ago and then learned about CtC from following Ben Eller’s YouTube channel. The original CtC series is fantastic and it is hard to imagine any serious rock guitarist who struggled with learning to play fast in the 80’s/90’s not getting totally pulled in. Such a blast to follow Troy on the journey narrative of the series – it is masterful storytelling.

In the last year I have worked through the Primer, and then went on to the seminars, completing Volcano, Cascade, Antigravity, and now about to wrap up Spaceship on Metronomic Rock DSX (so much fun Tommo! What a talent). I will post separately on my approach and what I have learned so far in case it is useful to new folks.

Like many others here, it seems, the approach and lessons have fundamentally changed my relationship with the instrument and I am very grateful for that. As a didactic method for guitar instruction, it is easily up there with Mel Bay et al. Thanks to Troy and team for the insane amount of work, dedication, attention to detail, and creative spirit that went into this product.