Hi from colorado! I think I am a string hopper?

Hey everyone happy to be here! Just got my magnet and I want to start to understand my picking habits and start to improve. I understand the pick slanting ideas and movement ideas so excited to see whats best approach for me!

After watching all if not most of the content, I am still having trouble deciding what approach to take in my picking technique. I play in a latin group where we do some cumbia songs and latin leads. I love gypsy jazz too and that style of clean fast improvised licks. But generally I want to be able to play in any style with speed.

After recording my first video of minor swing intro, it looks like maybe I am a string hopper after all? Looking forward to meeting everyone and the feedback! Thanks

Here is link to my video:

And Here are my answers to intro questions

Where are you in your guitar journey?
I feel I have been playing for so long that I feel I have hit a wall in my playing style. Hoping to improve in my ability to play fast

  • How many years have you been playing?

  • What musical genres are you interested in?
    Gypsy Jazz, Latin music

  • Particular things you’re excited to learn / talk about here?
    Technique and how to play fast clean lines while improvising

How have you gone about learning guitar so far?

  • Self-taught? Regular lessons with a teacher? Both?

  • Have you spent much time on technique before finding our stuff?
    Yes but not picking technique per say

  • What Cracking the Code material have you watched?
    Most of it

  • Can you comfortably play a scale? At roughly what speed?
    Yes I don’t know how fast

  • Any particular things you find yourself stuck on?
    Best way to pick fast for latin, gypsy

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