Hi there folks, happy to be here

Hey, very happy to join Cracking the Code. Cannot thank the team enough for creating this mind blowing, amazing website. Its unreal how easy they make it for guitar players to be able to play pieces which made them fall in love with the instrument in the first place.
About me, I have been playing for 10 years on and off… I listen to many genres and love them all, jazz, blues, rock. metal, bluegrass, classical. I am honestly going to try to learn as much as possible.
Have only had one year of classical guitar training, simply a diddler otherwise, but starting to take it seriously. Not one to play in public, simply want to be able to play the pieces i love. Not good at theory nor technique, soon to change for sure.
Thanks again, let the hand cramps begin.

Thanks for signing up. And please, say no to cramps!

Re: the site / experience, any feedback on where things are located, how it’s organized, or what lessons we have / don’t have is always helpful. We’ve been staring at this for so long sometimes we don’t catch the really obvious stuff.