High E on Les Paul falls off the fretboard and gets caught on the 22nd fret


Just yesterday I got my Les Paul set up and it revealed a problem that I wasn’t aware of. The 22nd fret on the high E side is slightly risen. Whenever I play any sort of strumming motion, the string gets caught under the fret. Prior to it setting up, this happened a few times but it was never that bad. Does anyone know any simple ways that I can fix this without taking it to a luthier? Pic related

The simplest option is probably to raise the action a bit on the treble side. Another is to go up a string gauge but you probably don’t want to do that given you just had it set up.

Now the high e frets out when I bend it help

Update: I fixed it but the original issue still remains

I think the typical fix is superglue around it and pushing the fret down (not with your fingers).
Thats if you can push it and see movement, and you can put superglue in a needle to really get it under there. But I know it can be tricky.

I have the same issue on my headless, but I just deal with it as it’s my practice guitar.

Man I wish I could afford all the tools I’ve seen from stewmac, make it look so easy


I own some of their tools for fret levelling and set ups and they’re as close to idiot-proof as you can get. There’s still a finesse to it that I think you probably only get by doing it a lot.

In fact you just need water thin glue,masking tape and acetone to clean it up