High fret double stop bends

I’m trying to learn Slash’s solo in “Mr Brownstone” for the cover band I’m in. In the first passage, he bends the double stop on the 16th fret of the B and G strings multiple times a half step. How is this accomplished?

For double stops anywhere else, I’d use two fingers, one per string. This high up on the fret board, my fingers can’t fit. I tried doing this with one finger but it’s really tricky and I can’t quite get it.

Try laying your ring finger across the two strings, barring the notes, and then pull the bend down towards the high e, rather than pushing it up. I haven’t listened to that solo in a while, but the other bend technique guys used, was to bend the B string up to the G, then continuing pushing up into the G string to get a double stop with one finger.

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I use the middle finger or ring finger that high up as well 15th 17th fret for example, if it’s half a step i can just about do it but anything more I’m in trouble.

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@shredhead7 @SlyVai Thanks guys, I’ll try both.