Highlander immortal Forever

Such extreame stuff, I love it.

Oh man, I wish I could delete topics, Can’t we have a section of the forum for drunken posts?
“If you’re drunk post here” lol
Amazing movie, the soundtrack is beautiful

haha its ok man i literally was just about to show you the arturia minibrute 2 doing these kind of gun shot sounds! :rofl: apparently it is really good at doing it. i came across it a few years ago so i will have to do some digging.

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Send it man, I wana buy a keyboard soon

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i am still looking i havent brought out this synth in awhile, and i watched this video like 3-4 years ago so it might not be on youtube any more. i just remember it being a professional movie score and effects creator. he kept saying this is the best synth for gun style sounds, i will find it, it will just take some time maybe a few days. hope he didn’t take the video down!

i found some cool stuff though. this producer has some pretty sick jams with it. makes me want to swap some of my gear for a arturia microfreak that has the vocoder mod, this interation came out later, this one in the video is the first model version.

what suprises me is that we haven’t seen any guitar shredders using the elektron octatracks ability to live resample.

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i think i found the producer, robert dudzic.

here is one i really like, one night i fell asleep to this movie, and got super scared when the ending song orchestra started blasting. but man this entire movie score is crazy! i had raycon earbuds in, and that shit was frightening.

look at them turned up cuffs in leopard print see he knew what was cool tryin to copy yngwie’s fashion style. LOL

heh he was something funny i found in die hard and oddly enough this is michael kamen as well.

listen how he alters ode to joy in this terrorist enter the building scene. i didn’t really start hearing this up until a few months ago i was like thats funny he is altering the classical piece to sound menacing. its too obvious now so it makes me laugh when i hear it.

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