Hold the line solo cover

Had to give this Toto/ Steve Lukather classic a shot. I went with a more attitude and feeling approach and not so much a note-for-note version.
The fast runs are done using the Yngwie method so all upx and pulloffs where needed.
It is a fun solo to play.


Really enjoyed this matey and the fast run sounds really good, especially as you say you weren’t specifically going for note-for-note. It had a good flow and sounded legit. I would love to learn your version of the run- I have seen many different tabs and they didn’t make sense/sound right. Its a ripping passage so the attitude is v.important. well done

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I also checked out a bunch of tabs, transcribet it myself and in the end I went with a version based on his hotlicks dvd. In that one he demonstrates the run but it is nothing like the studioversion. So this is what I eventually came up with.Hold the line fast run.pdf (39.9 KB)

Nice one. Many thanks!

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Great job!!!

Totally agree with this - I spent so many hours trying to transcribe solos note for note but at the end of the day… I could have spent this time better :wink: Nobody cares if it’s not exactly the same, provided it sounds good and fitting for the song :slight_smile:

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Thanks tommo.
I started out wanting to play the solo excactly as is. But it is just impossible to hear on the recording what is going on. It was a lot easier to get an idea from the hot licks video but when I realised he played it differently than on the recording I just went with my own version based on the two. Saved me a lot of frustration:-)