How About Selling Tee Shirts / Hoodies Etc with the Cool Site Logo?

Hey Troy and Company …I would Love 2 buy a Tee Shirt or Hoodie with your Logo on it…Are you considering getting some made for the store…I bet they’d be sold out in one day ! …Or maybe a coffee mug 4 All us Coffee addicts ???

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We need a poll to see if it’s worth the investment for Troy lol! I agree though, I bet people would buy them up quickly. I sure would. Now, after all the Magnet orders, whether or not Troy wants to keep stuffing boxes of merch and mailing them as part of his job…I can’t speak for him on that haha

Would you buy any of the following merch if it was available on the CtC site store?

  • CtC Hoodie
  • CtC T-Shirt
  • CtC Coffee Mug
  • CtC Guitar Pick

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There are plenty of fulfillment companies that can take the logo and put it on any number of things. Wampler Pedals is a good example:

Wampler Merch – Mod Your Own Pedal

I’d definitely be interested in a CTC cod piece and winklepickers.

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It’s probably best that Troy becomes Jim Dunlop artist with signature picks—where his first is presumably a red Jazz III.

Hat please, I buy hats.