How am I looking?

I’ve been working a lot on my picking and I feel like I’m making improvements. i think my playing is primarily USX and then I angle “downward” when I need to change strings on a downstroke. Here are some videos, first normal speed:

and here’s slow mo of the same video, set to 30% of the original speed:

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Anyone? Does form look okay?

Honestly, I don’t know that the form you’re using will work at high speed. It might or might not. Could you try, maybe playing 16ths at 170 or 180 bpm?

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I doubt I could play that fast presently, @Acecrusher. What leads you to believe that the form won’t work properly? Am I doing something wrong? I’m all ears.

In a nutshell, to check if a form works at high speed, you have to try it at high speed. Don’t worry about being clean, the point is to check whether the right hand has the potential to move fast with the motion you are using!

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