How bad is my technique?

Hopefully this video is good enough to give you an idea…but I’d love to have everyone’s feedback.

This is how I’ve held a pick for nearly 30 years.
It works well enough and I am definitely able to get the job done, but I’m absolutely certain I could do so much better.

So please have a look at my video and feel free to give any constructive feedback.
Joey picks :slight_smile:


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Hey @jgabra62 thanks for posting! There is nothing that “bad” in these clips, and you seem to have a fast picking motion already! What are the things that are currently giving you trouble?

Couple suggestions to get more targeted feedback/advice:

If you have a Google/Youtube account, try to post your next video on youtube (you can use the “Unlisted” option so it doesn’t go public). Then paste the link here in its own line. This way the video will embed automatically on the forum page:


Youtube link

more text

Vimeo should work as well.

Another suggestion is to focus your video on a single phrase or picking pattern that you are learning (or a pattern that has been giving you trouble for a while).

About 30 seconds of video with a few repetitions of the phrase/lick in question is typically optimal!

PS: you already did a good job with the filming but I’m going to link our filming checklist just for reference :slight_smile:

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