How best to internalize pickslanting motions?

After discovering CTC on YouTube about 5 years ago I went on a hardcore DWPS journey. Prior to that I thought my pickslant should be more neutral and I probably leaned more toward UWPS to be honest.

I’m still working on being able to switch easily between DWPS and UWPS and my question is how best to facilitate this. Right now I’m playing scale passages that require me to change, playing at a modertae speed, and REALLY EXAGGERATING the pickslant needed to navigate the string changes smoothly.

What have you had good results with when changing/modifying technique like this?


Hey @johnhorneguitar, sorry for noticing this only now!

Our current approach relies less on the “pickslanting” concept (the tilt of the pick), and more on the distinction between “trapped” and “escaped” pickstrokes (the actual trajectory of the pick).

In this video, for example, @Troy demonstrates how you can achieve all types of pickstrokes with pretty much neutral pickslant (in this case using only wrist motions):