How do y'all play this Cliffs of Dover lick?

This one from the intro:

I could’ve sworn it was “common knowledge” that EJ himself used an open string pull off before the “cascading fives” pattern, but looking at this top rated UG tab reflects what I’m playing.

Anyone know how EJ actually did it? How bout y’all?

I learned it from the tab, but once I watched him play it and listened to it over and over, I feel he moves down to the open position and plays it with the open strings.

Either way works, but I the open strings route is more ‘blues’ influenced.

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According to EJ himself he is not using open strings.


The way it’s tabbed on UG is not compatible with USX, but the open string way is.

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I actually play it the way it’s tabbed there and I think I do USX? Why do you say you it can’t be done that way?

The way EJ does these descending pentatonics is USX+economy - this is called the “EJ atom” in the Cascade seminar if I’m not mistaken:
D U (change to lower string) D (sweep to higher string) D U (change to lower string, etc.)

The 3rd time you have 2 on D string followed by 5 on A string breaks this pattern. You need DSX for that note essentially.

D U D D U D U D - pattern broken

Troy’s cascade seminar is probably the best resource, I think it’s tabbed out there.
It looks like he does some open strings here:

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Having a bit of trouble following, but I do get that he’s doing some economy picking in that part. I never really bothered with the picking pattern as I just straight alternate, my curiosity was limited to the open string I thought he played!

Ultimate Guitar is at best a resource for telling you what notes are played, it is not to be relied on under almost any circumstances as a source to determine where those notes are played on the guitar by the original artist.

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Definitely agree, which is why I wanted y’all’s input!

I’ve always used open strings towards the end of that second lower position pentatonic cascade run - not sure if it’s the way EJ plays it though.


I remember someone pointing out he does it open string, but at this point it’s just me being curious and splitting hairs. I personally don’t do the open string solely because it’s easier to “borrow” riffs when there’s no open string to transpose, lol

Even that is a very generous assessment.

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