How do you guys deal with different scale length guitars?

I just got an old guitar of mine back and I’m a bit confused as to which one to play now, life was simpler with just the one YJM!

Do you guys have any strategies?

To be honest, I’m loving the change and the guitar is superior to the YJM in terms of build and playability, the tone too but can’t compare apples to oranges, and I’m feeling damn guilty playing YJM material on the HH Gibson scale guitar.

What do you guys think, should I be a purist or just mix it up.

Here are two similar clips on each guitar? What do you guys think?

The HH Gibson scale guitar:

The YJM sig strat:

I feel I’m cheating on the YJM :grimacing:
I know its silly but I just wondering how some others who’ve had diff scale length guitars manage, cause I found my self being thrown off a bit on my YJM after playing the Gibson scale all day. I can only imagine it getting worse with time, or do you get used to it?


I have both scale lengths, so I personally switch it up. I normally play one guitar for the entire session, so it’s not too confusing as far as feel.

Personally, I don’t think the scale length difference is as jarring compared to different bridges (tune-o-matic compared to vintage tele, as my personal example).


Oh yes. A tele bridge is very diffrent. This one has a wrap around, so they seem very similar.

Thats an idea, season’s! Thanks.

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I would expect it to get better, actually. Variation is good for motor learning. Keep switching between the two!


I’ll give it a few days, I suspect bit already is getting better, first day was a bit rough though. Thanks.


I’m awful at playing rock/metal on any other guitar than my EBMM JP6. Even a JP6 with different string gauge strings lol. However, if I were to play a different style to the norm, say more bluesy stuff I can play a strat or tele or a LP pretty well. So I suppose you need to ask yourself, what is the reasons for the different scale guitars? Do you play the same style and tone with both? I would bet that if a guitar is for a specific style it is easier to get used to switching between as your brain goes into that musical mode, rather than trying to make one guitar do the same thing as another - whats the point of having 2 guitars to do the same job (other than as a back up)


Can understand where your coming from.

For me personally I don’t see it that way, styles are more like different textures, I try to mix my influences up while improvising. Well I don’t have much control over it yet.

For example this track has a little bit of everything Im familiar with maybe. I may not make much sense to anybody. :roll_eyes:

Today was much better. The different tones and response from either guitar lend a bit of freshness and their own vibe, in a sense what your saying is happening automatically, the instrument does influence me as well. Im actually starting to enjoy it.

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On a “normal” 25.5 inch guitar neck, I find various stretch’s quite difficult. But shorter scale lengths fix this.
It comes down to a dick size competition. Thats the cheating feel you’re on about. I think it’s such a small difference, even us guitar players can’t really tell until we get our hands on it. And by that time you’ve scored anyway. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: No one knows, use whatever is easiest.

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Fender Mustangs are short scale, and Troy certainly sounds great on his.

We have a Mexi one with the P-90 style pickups at the studio – after seeing all the Troy vids, I restrung it and started playing it a lot. There is no downside to it. It’s just another tone color, but that has as much to do with other components and overall build. I would say that I don’t think I’d be going extra-light on the strings, though. But that’s true of Les Pauls, too. I feel like I have to stay up one gauge and be careful not to fret too hard and knock things sharp. I don’t really have that problem on my Strat-style guitar with 11’s.

The “some is good, more is better” thing is way overdone, with string gauges, volume, or (I suppose) scale length. I agree with Whammy, although I think it’s more of an internal battle, where you get inside your own head a bit. I’ve had to record guitar players who walk in with a lineup of tone-sucking pedals on bypass and then start talking on some really obscure, finer points of gear. I mean, it becomes a “penny wise, pound foolish” thing after a while. But don’t get me started, because I really think timing/pocket/groove is the first prerequisite (not addressing your playing, just speaking in general). Slapping a heavier gauge on can actually take away from a tone – it’s not automatically better or anything.

The only counter I would put here would be the Richie Sambora line of having to go a little heavier on strings and keep the action higher because it gives you something in the setup to “fight” against (he used a fishing analogy, but I don’t fish…), and the little bit of added effort can bring out an emotional edge. I don’t live in that headspace with guitar setups, although I am definitely there as far as leaning towards keeping the gain a little on the (comparably) low side and trying to play to make it sound like there is more distortion happening than there really is.

I think you sound better here with the Strat, but I think a lot of that is a function of the piece and the arrangement being custom designed for that tonal fingerprint. Also, having that tone at your fingertips makes it easier to fall a little more in line with the YJM articulations, so you might have a muscle memory-type connection when that sound comes back at you in the monitors. And it sounds like there is a tad more drive on the Gibson one (that could be a function of using the same gain level with louder pickups). I personally still think it’s a tasteful amount, but I’m just pointing out that that’s a factor for touch and response and tone here. I think you could get plenty of mileage out of either direction, tone-wise.

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Thank you @gotmixes and @WhammyStarScream

Everything you guys touched on has actually been on my mind last few days.

Playing and finding time to play is hard enough, best not have to fight your gear to play over that. I seem to have settled on the YJM gauge for both guitars, though I’ve since then tuned to std tuning on the Gibson scale. The string tensions are now much closer, plus it’s a bit more refreshing to switch guitars, makes me want to play differently which is another thing touched on here, I’m suffering from running round in circles with my playing. My motor memory has gotten used to these gauges for now, as I’m getting more aware of my situation I realise I have bigger issues with my playing that I’m trying to address at the moment. I definitely need to think about it differently, get help or both.

This has been weighing heavily on my mind, I’ve got the gear, now what and I’m doing with all this.

My sentiments too, I believe I’ve been in the YJM trip for three years and now I’m feeling rather trapped. Getting this other guitar has stirred up something, for the better I hope. There was a long period of clean country playing before all this, but it was all muscle memory then too.

You are absolutely right, I did that clip soon after I set up the guitar, the same settings I use with the strat. I need to cut the vol to half on the HB guitar even that may be a bit much, also it certainly is a different tone print from the YJM space and @PickingApprentice was right, it took a few days to get over the honeymoon period to realize/understand this better. That clip only does a disservice to the guitar, it’s so much more complex and way beyond my ability to utilize well.

I’m going to have to do a lot of thinking about what my next steps are to grow as a musician. Rather humbled and lost at the moment.

Hope you don’t feel too humbled / lost as a musician, that track you posted was pretty sick!

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Thanks brother, I really appreciate that.

Trying to keep it moving forward. Been working on some theory and just playing ACDC riffs for now.
Trying to cut down on gain too :slight_smile:

edit: just updated this clip, day 4, it’s a bit better :slight_smile:

Always wanted to learn all his solos, finally getting down to it.

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You have a very satisfying guitar tone, I love it!

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I think it needs more gain…

Jokes! :grin:
Sounds great man!

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I frequently play guitars designed for ants, and don’t really notice much of a difference!

Kidding aside, anything in the guitar range, from 22.5" to 25.5", and I own and play them all, doesn’t really require any particular adaptation (edit: “for me”). You might notice a difference the first few seconds but after that I can’t even tell.

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Thanks brother :slight_smile:

Hehe, going through a no-pedal phase! Wonder how many days it’s gonna last.

That’s wild Troy, some sort of a mandolin?
I think I got used to the switching, its been a month, the first few days were a bit odd, yes a few seconds and its a non-issue :slight_smile:

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