How many bridges do you have: fixed, dive-only, floating?


I have 1, 0, 3 (for four guitars, total).

I’m curious about “what percent of guitars have a floating bridge.”

What about your guitars?

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of the 2 that I actively play. 1 is fixed. I is “floating” but the way I have it set up now its dive only but I never use it lol.

RG3ex fixed

RG340, floating but I have the Tremel-No installed and I think its set on dive only but the spring tension is such that its basically fixed

I bought the tremel no in order to actually start using it floating style but I am simply 100% too lazy to get it set it up at this time

I have 3 other really cheap guitars and I think 1 or 2 of them are basic strat style floating and that fact alone sort of keeps them just sitting because again I just cant get over the barrier of setting them up correctly. So they just sit


I suspect you talk about electrical guitars only.

2,1 (blocked the floyd myself, woodblock removable), 3 (2 floyds, 1 classic).

I really love the floyd for it’s tuning stability although not a big dive bomber or whammy shaker.



Eight, seven, eight for me


2 floating (Vigiers), 1 dive only floyd (Axis), 5 fixed (Oni 8 string, Tele, LP type, LTD HH superstrat, Peerless archtop hollowbody*)

*Yes I had to edit because I forgot about a guitar I have.


I currently have two guitars.
I go through phases and lock one or the other out.

I like to play bends while holding other notes static and with a floating bridge it becomes problematic. I can fake it but it’s not the same to me.

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I used to hate that too…when u r doing vibrato and u look down and see the bar moving, so u know you’re losing some of your vibrato

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